HackerScape Malaysia 2014

Learn the basics of how to control a mini computer and even the air-conditioning in your home using a Raspberry Pi and your phone!

The first event to launch of Malaysia's first Tech Laboratory - HackerScape!

1 month FREE access to the space worth RM500 upon purchase of any ticket! Grab it fast!

No prior programming knowledge is needed for this course!

Macbooks and Linux laptops are perfectly fine to bring.

What is HackerScape?

HackerScape aims to put Malaysia's best hackers and engineers on the world map. We want to nurture, grow and foster a community of the best talents in Malaysia to come together and build awesome things. Non-technical people are welcome to come learn and give back to the community in whatever way possible.

We will be equipped with all the latest toys:

Raspberry Pi B+ (Check out what it is! http://www.raspberrypi.org/)

Arduino (http://www.arduino.cc/)

3D Printers (http://3dprinting.com/what-is-3d-printing/)

Soldering kits



(What are you waiting for?)

Our First Workshop - Raspberry Pi

Did you know that a Raspberry Pi can play Full HD video from a USB drive when connected to a TV/Monitor? A Raspberry Pi can do so much more and can be used to interact with the physical world.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

set up a Raspberry Pi,

work with the Pi to read light and temperature of your surroundings,

control LEDs,

move motors,

and explore how the Raspberry Pi can be used for home automation.

This workshop is ideal for beginners, tinkerers, makers, educators or anyone interested in experimenting with the Raspberry Pi.

Course Layout

Part 1: Introduction

- What the Raspberry Pi is

- What will be covered in the workshop

- Learning outcomes

Part 2: Connecting to the Raspberry Pi

- Basic networking concepts

- Configuration used for connecting the Raspberry Pis to the network

Part 3: Basic Python

Introduction to some basic commands

Introduction to Python

Creating a simple Python program and running it

Part 4: Introduction to GPIO and building circuits

Introduction to GPIO

Introduction to the breadboard

Build a simple circuit to control an LED with a switch

- Learn basic concepts about what a circuit is

- Get familiar with the power supply pins of the GPIO

Part 5: Controlling an LED with GPIO

Build a circuit to control an LED with the Raspberry Pi

Write code to turn LED on/off

Write code to control LED with patterns

Part 6: Reading input with GPIO

Build a circuit to read input from a swtich

Write code to control LED using based on switch state

Part 7: Reading light

Build a circuit to read light

Intro to LDRs and capacitors

Write code to read light

Part 8: Reading temperature

Build a circuit to read temperature

Write code to read temperature

Part 9: Controlling a stepper motor

Some theory on stepper motors

Build a circuit to control a stepper motor

Write code to control a stepper motor

Part 10: Automation

Simulation of a motor controlling blinds on a window based on amount of light

Write code to control stepper motor based on light level reading

Part 11: Remote monitoring and control

Set up a web site on the Raspberry Pi

Write code to display current temperature and light

Write code to control stepper motor


A laptop and your enthusiasm.

You will be provided with a Raspberry Pi to play with!

(You can bring it home by buying it from us)

Speaker Bio

Matthew is a software developer at Tinkerbox Studios based in Singapore. In his spare time, he loves exploring the boundaries between software and hardware with Arduinos / Raspberry Pis / anything he can get his hands on, to find simple solutions to everyday problems.

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Nov 29 - Nov 30, 2014
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
9:30 AM - 4:30 AM MYT
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